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Many people know that dark web sites are quite specific due to the products that are sold there. On the darknet, you can buy a lot of goods that are not allowed for free sale. But many people forget that on the darknet you can not only buy, but also sell. Yes, you can open your own shop on Kraken and sell your products. Let's figure out how to do it.

I would like to start by saying that all purchases and sales on the Kraken website are completely anonymous. This means that no one knows from whom he buys and to whom he sells. Even Kraken Onion himself does not know who exactly sellers of goods, passports you will not be asked here, IP too. Accordingly, anyone who has something to sell can sell. The first thing you should do is register, if you have already registered as a buyer, then you should create a new account. Next, in your personal account, click create a ticket, the subject of which will be an application to open a store. Also, in the ticket, indicate the desired name. The name must be unique, check in the search that there is no such store yet. After the application is considered, you will be able to fill your online store with goods and start selling. Each store will have its own moderator who will help with all the questions that have arisen.